November 27, 2022

Music to Write to: January 2022

“Where Did You Sleep Last Night”

This is a perfect writing playlist for channeling your inner Poe and getting yourself through another dark, cold, and gloomy January in the Northern Hemisphere. This playlist is 100% dedicated to my favorite versions of one of the best American folk songs ever written: “Where Did You Sleep Last Night.” This song has also been titled, “In the Pines”, “Black Girl”, “Black Girl (Where Did You Sleep Last Night)” and sometimes “My Girl”. Two singers on my playlist have multiple versions of this song–Mark Lanegan and Lead Belly. (Lead Belly is the reason most people know this song in the first place, although I personally have Nirvana to thank.) There are many more versions of this song than this playlist includes. These are simply the best versions I’ve found so far. Of the entire list, the Sleigh Bells and Mark Lanegan (American Gods) versions are my favorites.

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